Techno Classic

2013-06-07 16:28:37

It's high-tech, but it's got groove, and it's got soul. This is definitely our current favourite product. Choosing between Groovy Bronze and Silver Grooves is as much of a dilemma as choosing between black or white for the iPhone. This shiny duo (although only Silver Grooves is featured here) is capturing the current Daft Punk vibe for us right now. Stylish enough for Pharrell Williams, and an instant timeless classic look.

Eye Tunes

2013-06-07 16:28:21

‘Tis self-explanatory. Again, our fascination for eyeballs and penchant for using it in everything we can make is most apparent in our apparel line. It also works to our advantage because there are lots of iObjects around so in a linguistic sense it opens up a whole lot of fun with homophones. No two t-shirts are alike, by the way. I know it looks that way in the photo, like some sort of couple set. Everything is handcrafted. And because we are not robots, our hands are simply not capable of lifeless replication. Thank goodness for that.

Blank Canvas

2013-06-07 16:28:04

After many years of coveting amazing graphic and artisan t-shirts, we decided it was time to make our own. We went raving mad counting all the possibilities whilst reckoning with the design wishlist. With a batch of made-to-order t-shirts to start with, our atelier will soon be stocked with lots of unique, handcrafted graphic t-shirts.

We already have quite a few in our collection. Some are silk-screened, some have silk ribbon appliqués, textured thread and bits and bobs from a dressmaker's kit. A few combine haphazard line drawings sewn viciously and mercilessly over gorgeous, splattered backdrops. Our personal favourites. We need more of those.

It's been a while since we've worked on t-shirts. With our new premises, we're dusting off shelves and equipment and getting ready for a new era. Time to revisit those blank canvases again.


2013-06-07 16:27:56

Once you've had a PureCarbon wristguard you can't go back. As much as I love the look of the matte silver, my wrists and hands are not happy to sit for hours on it. The hardness attacks them, or so it seems.

It's been a while, but our
wristguards are back for sale online. The organic feel of the textured leather films don't. Even the micro ridges and grooves on the silver grooves wristguard sit well with prolonged contact. Perhaps we're pre-programmed to know that any surface that even, and that perfectly machined is unnatural.

Welcome back to the store, Wristguards. There'll be more varieties coming online shortly.


2013-06-07 16:27:52

I didn't think it was possible to make silver more outstanding than it already was. Well, it seems that you can. Throw in a geometric spin, vary the shapes and sizes, and you get Silver Grooves. It's not up on the store yet, but is coming your way very soon.

The sharp lines that run down the wristguard give the metal a lot more definition. Yet, the varied thickness of the lines contribute to some kind of holographic effect. Needless to say, it has a great texture; unobtrusive, but present. So if it's a subtle little oomph you are looking for in any of our metallic series of PureCarbon skins, this might be the one to look out for.


2013-01-19 05:32:00

I have a fascination with making objects have eyes. Here at PureCarbon, we seem to be particularly in love with eyeballs. I'm convinced that the reason those Céline bags were so terribly endearing was because they looked like they had a face. You know, those Phantom bags? Which is kind of beautifully ironic because the whole idea of being a 'phantom' is that of masks and disguise. Yet, it is because of its 'face' that I am drawn to it.

Two of the bags made in our atelier have eyes. And it wasn't even a conscious decision. The first bag, affectionally named Bandit, had clear, laser-cut acrylic circles for eyes. They were strung together with a band of black silk ribbon around the circumference of the bag, giving the bag a 'face'. It is adorable, if I may say so myself. It has since found an owner and no longer rests in our atelier.

Which leaves us with the Reversi Tote Bag. The initial concept was to create a reversible bag, which indeed it is. But what inadvertently occurred, was the creation of its eyes. The decision was to make one side of the bag have two pockets to fit an iPhone, iPod and possibly a very slim wallet. Depending on what version of the bag you want, the pockets are either inner or outer pockets. I personally love it when they form outer pockets. Because they look like quirky, rectangular eyes, almost robot-like. I like to think that this gives it that something extra, that little thing that makes you go, yes, that belongs on my need-list. It's certainly on mine!


2012-10-29 12:58:05

You know an accessory or application is good when you are immediately filled with an urge to purchase the necessary device, that had previously been unnecessary, just so you can use said accessory or application. It is the age of the iPhone 4, with the iPhone 5 looming in the not-so-distant future. But you know, when I look at this silver carbon fibre iPhone 3 case, I almost want to get myself an iPhone 3 just so I can dress it up with this. The simplicity of the carbon fibre is, to me, aesthetic perfection. Combine that with an inherent weakness for silver and it automatically joins my wishlist, nay, my need-list. For now, I can only look longingly at it as it sits among the other lovely iPhone 3 cases we have in stock, where it waits for a phone to call its own.

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